7 Signs Your Body Is Addicted To refined Sugar

7 Signs Your Body Is Addicted To refined Sugar

It’s time for some harsh truth. When you watch the news, you see stories about addiction frequently. Many of the drugs people consume and are addicted to, have gone through many chemical processes.

Ever thought about refined sugar and where it comes from? Refined sugar is the result of a number of alterations, processes and the final product has no food value. There are no vitamins, proteins or fibers for your digestion. Refined sugar is made to flavour the food you eat and the manufacturing companies want you to consume products. The more addicted you become, the more money they make. Are you addicted to sugar? Look at these seven signs and be true to yourself when you answer.

1. Are you constantly craving something sweet? Do you grab a couple donuts and coffee laden with sugar on the way to work, only to be unsatisfied shortly thereafter? The sugar that you ingested has caused a major amount of excitement in your brain. There are two hormones in particular that are now overexcited and want more of that sweet sugar. You may have heard of dopamine that gets released in the brain when you exercise. This gives that runners high but unfortunately sugar also gets the dopamine flowing and craving more sugar to keep you happy. Having huge amounts of dopamine might sound good but when it comes from an unnatural source, it had side effects that are harmful. Dopamine produced by playing a fun game of tennis, is a beautiful and nature source of the happy drug.

2. Do you find yourself snapping at loved ones or co-workers on a frequent basis? While there may be a number of different reasons for your irritation to kick in, big time sugar eaters report this symptom frequently. Sugar causes fluctuations in the body chemistry and when you have a craving that you are trying to hold off, you get cranky. This is similar to people addicted to tobacco as they try to cut down or quit. Being agitated over little things will be a signal that your body is dependent on refined sugar, as a source of energy. The producers of candy bars understand this, and put out funny commercials that address your issues and offer up their candy bar as the solution.
3. After the sugar you have consumed has been processed and eliminated from the body, you may show signs of being very tired. This occurs because you haven’t fed your sugar addictions with a candy bar or tried to switch to a natural sugar such as those contained in oranges.

4. Huge consumption of fruit is also a sign of sugar addiction. All foods should be eaten in the proper servings. A person who eats a large amount of fruit and is still not satisfied, may find themselves drinking a lot of fruit juice, instead of water. This is definitely overloaded your body with sugar.

5. If you get stressed and find yourself craving food, in particular ones that are laden with sugar, this might be due to the stress you have put on your adrenal gland. When this gland becomes over activated it produces cortisol. This can be trouble, because cortisol gives you hunger pangs and sugar cravings.

6. Sugar acts very much like a drug. As you do not feed your sugar habit, you may find that you have shaky hands or even go through a session of teeth chattering. These withdrawal symptoms are likely due to blood sugar issues as they are not being kept on a balanced scale.

7. Coffee consumption is at an all-time high and this is partly due to people being stressed and looking for relief, plus the wide varieties now available. With sugar addiction, you may find that one teaspoon of sugar is not enough. As your blood sugar gets bounced around, many people will start with a morning coffee and then grab a high sugar speciality coffee at break time to get their fix.